Dentist Payment Agreement Form

If a dental treatment requires more than one appointment, you should consider halving the payments. Ask for half of the total amount due to the first date and the end of the second half. Adapt this financial agreement to make it work well for your practice. Or maybe you want to create something completely new and just use it as a starting point. It doesn`t matter. In addition to the ability for the dental practice to say “yes, we offer payment options,” you should also see a higher monthly recovery rate and a lower debt problem. You can even fill out a credit card authorization form if you want to automatically charge your patient a credit card each month until the payment is fully received. This way, you won`t have to wait for your patient to send his payment or call him. You won`t forget it and you could just get a receipt and account snippet credited after each email payment.

So you`re looking for money! Improve your patient relationships and collection rates with large dental financial arrangements and solid scripts. And don`t hesitate to train! Practice makes perfect!! Your practice name, address, phone number and website are on top. Perhaps you would even like to include a report. Or you can even print your financial agreements on the header. Whatever you decide, you`ll also want to create a copy for your patient`s diagram! The best payment option is full payment at the time of service. I recommend offering a discount to patients who pay in full before treatment! If a patient pays the full time of the schedule, offer a 10% discount. Add this option to the form. It`s working very well.

Many patients are looking forward to a discount! A dental finance agreement is a powerful tool for the dental practice. This document allows the dental office to say “YES”! “Yes, we have payment options and yes, we can make financial arrangements!” Use this agreement as a tool to help the dental office team discuss dental care and costs. Go ahead and download my model below! The first step to keeping your recovery rate high and requirements low is excellent communication. Excellent communication, which contains options for your patient, is the best. Don`t leave room for misunderstandings or misunderstandings. This dental financial arrangement is a great tool to help you! There are some things here that are as important as the document you are presenting! It is important to remember when submitting a financial agreement to make eye contact with your patient.