Learning Agreement Uniovi

Students can send copies in advance by e-mail to inter.incoming@uniovi.es or by fax (34 985104049). AIDS is disabled. In this case, you will perform the entire procedure as normally as the other candidates, and once you have assigned a goal throughout the appeal process, be if you apply for this scholarship in addition to this scholarship from the Vice-Chancellor of Internationalizacin. www.uniovi.es/internacional/estudiantes/becas or website where you can find the forms to apply for the scholarship: www.uniovi.es/estudiantes/becas/erasmus; Erasmus Agreement N………. The student can send copies in advance to E-Mail-inter.incoming@uniovi.es or by fax to 34 985104049 or to the Oviedo University website containing information on international mobility: www.uniovi.es/internacional/estudiantes; In addition, it is also advisable to take out special travel insurance covering other contingencies that may occur before or during the trip (Prdida flights or routes. Please note that some bars do not guarantee or cover the cost of connection cancellations due to delays or cancellations. Family emergencies or unforeseen emergencies requiring early return. theft. As an option, if you want to supplement and extend the coverage of this trick, you can do so by purchasing Erasmus Travel Assistance insurance, which is also responsible for MAPFRE, which has in addition to rc repatriation coverage, personal accidents and medical assistance.

Mrs. informacin at MAPFRE. C/ Nava, 18. Montecerrao, 33006 Oviedo. Tlf.: 985 10 76 12.Mas informacin is available intranet.uniovi.es/internacional/erasmus/erasmusestudios/erasmus2013 “Related Documents” section. The university also has an international relations department (relinnorte@uniovi.es, relinsur@uniovi.es) which provides additional personal support for all practical matters (accommodation, sports, travel information, etc.) for international students participating in school courses and for outgoing students. Recipient`s Address: Original documents are mailed to the office of the Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Postgraduate Studies: C/Principality 3, Ground Floor – 33027, Oviedo – Asturias – Spain. A scanned copy can be sent in advance by e-mail: relinoficina@uniovi.es or fax: `34 985 10 40 49 (Gradually other DESTINATIONS) This information is available on the website of the Vice-Chancellor of Internacionalizacin – University of Oviedo intranet.uniovi.es/internacional/erasmus/erasmusestudios/erasmusgrado the University of Oviedo has entered into partnership and mobility agreements with renowned universities in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.