Rotary Sisterhood Agreement

For applications, please email Download Club profile form here Report on District 3310 Friendship Clubs Association must know their goals for the sister club agreement in order to avoid any misunderstandings later. On July 12, 2017, the Rotary Club Camp Crame, RI District 3780, signed a Sisterhood Club agreement with Rotary Club Downtown Davao, RI District 3860 at the Grand Menseng Hotel, Davao City. The signing of the Sisterhood Agreement aims to build lasting relationships with partner clubs to strengthen cooperation for a global network of scholarships, services and businesses around the world. From the Rotary Club Camp Crame were present: TGP RAMON “CHEN” PURUGGANAN, PP Nicanor “Nick” Bartolome and PP Ernie Paranis. The signature of the Sisterhood Agreement Club was made between TGP RAMON “CHEN” PURUGGANAN, rc Camp Crame and TGP Angelita “Lit-Lit” Ang for RC Downtown Davao. The co-signers of the contract were the club secretaries of the two clubs: PP Ernie Paranis and PP Sylvia C. Navarro. PP Nicanor Bartolome and the 25 members of RC Downtown Davao witnessed the occasion. This was followed by the traditional club bannerette exchanges between RC Camp Crame and RC Downtown Davao. KPI: 10 friendship agreements/club-club specially to conclude between Malaysian and Indonesian clubs. October 2, 2018 Fallon NV, United States – CP Roland Rosario (Club TRF Chair) of RC Roosevelt, QC and current President James “Zip” Upham (Club TRF Chair) has signed a five-year contract between the Rotary Club Roosevelt QC and the Rotary Club of Fallon. This agreement seals their long-standing friendship and continued support in the projects of the two associations in support of their respective communities. Kudos! Unless the proposed partner clubs have already predetermined, it is recommended that a joint project be put on the table to allow members of the respective rotary clubs to meet before proposing a club-club agreement.

After the game, each club should be able to have a feeling when it is worth following the club brother contract.