Td Cashback Visa Infinite Cardholder Agreement

Hello, we booked our trip via Expedia to TD with my husband`s TD travel visa credit card. We are due to visit Tel Aviv in early April. Israel, however, has announced a 14-day self-quarantine regime for coronavirus for all foreigners who arrive in Israel on March 12. We`re only here for two weeks and we can`t quarantine ourselves. In this case, can we take out travel cancellation insurance if we cancel our trip? Hello, Dependents who travel alone (without a cardholder or spouse) are insured with the cancellation insurance school? TD First Class Infinite. The American express platinum card insurance doesn`t cover big kids, even we puchase kids with AE I what on TD First Class infinitely I booked for a flight for me and my husband to tampa florida. We cancelled because Canada asked Canada to cancel all election trips. I have a first class TD travel visa. If my visa covers the cancellation fee Hello Wendy, as long as you would be allowed to cover as the main card holder, if you take the covered trip, your dependent will also be covered whether you or your spouse are traveling with them or not. The trip must meet only the “coverage” criteria (see the cardholder/guide agreement) and your creditor must remain your creditor and resident of Canada during the trip. Hello Ashes, In accordance with the performance agreement for the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite, only you, as an insured person and the main card holder would have covered your expenses, especially if both tickets were purchased on your card. However, you mentioned that the trip was cancelled due to illness. Whether this condition is yours or your friend`s, you will only be covered if the condition was stable just before your trip.

If it has been stable and prevents you from starting your trip and/or a doctor will confirm in writing that he advised you not to go on a trip (you must provide a copy of the letter to the TD plan administrator before the planned start of your trip), your expenses will be reimbursed. Obviously, I`m not TD, so check with the plan administrator at 1-866-374-1129. You must do so as soon as you cancel your trip to make a claim. If you are an Aeroplan Visa Infinite card holder, you can add travel health insurance to the mix, as well as travel cancellation and travel interruption insurance. Otherwise, everything else is similar. Make sure you understand which cards and benefits are relevant (ask us if you`re not sure) before sending them. Travel safely! Hello Sara, you are covered with travel cancellation insurance as long as the advice is still in effect, if your trip is planned and you have booked it before the announcements are increased (March 13, 2020). If you cancel your trip and the ads are cancelled and/or Disneyland is open until your trip in July, you are only covered if you cancel for a reason covered, by. B example a doctor who advises you not to travel, sudden death or injury by you or your fellow travelers, etc. (you will find a complete list of the causes covered in your card and service contract).