Ugovor O Zajmu Loan Agreement

6. The borrower ensures that all tender documents and contracts for work relating to the project include an obligation for contractors, subcontractors and supervisors with respect to: (a) compliance with the relevant aspects of the ESDP and the environmental and social instruments mentioned in it; and (b) the adoption and implementation of the Code of Conduct, which will be subject to the signature of all workers, detailing measures taken to mitigate environmental risks, social, health and safety risks, as well as the risks of sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment and violence against children, as applicable to construction work ordered or carried out in accordance with the treaties. 17. “Signature date” is later understood to be the two dates on which the borrower and the bank signed the agreement, and the same definition applies to any reference to the “date of the loan agreement” in the terms and conditions of sale. 16) “Project Operating Manual” or “POM,” the borrower`s manual to be prepared by the borrower on PIUs, in agreement with the MOF, MOH, MOC and MOSE, referred to in Section I.B of Schedule 2 of this agreement, since the borrower`s manual may be modified from time to time by the borrower with the Bank`s agreement. As of the date of the current act, the loan agreement covered by Section 1 of the Act is not in force and the information relating to its entry into force is published in accordance with Section 30, paragraph 3, of the Regulation. On the conclusion and implementation of international treaties (“Official Journal,” 28/96.) The financial commitments to the Republic of Croatia as a borrower under the Loan Agreement under Article 1 of this Act are planned and regulated in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations relating to the implementation of the State budget of the Republic of Croatia for the years 2020-2034, in accordance with repayment plans until the final repayment of the loan. I declare the law on the validation of the debt agreement between the Republic of Croatia and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the project to strengthen reconstruction and health care after the earthquake. adopted by the Croatian Parliament at its session of 31 July 2020 b) On the basis of a review carried out in accordance with point (a) the demolition of unsafe public buildings, the construction of new public buildings and the renovation and renovation of selected public buildings, including services necessary to design and control the work and to improve the functional improvement of these buildings through energy efficiency measures. The implementation of this law is the responsibility of the public authorities responsible for the construction and planning of the territory, health, education, science and finance. 2) “Anti-corruption guidelines” within the meaning of paragraph 5 of the Terms and Conditions of Sale Annex, the “Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Fraud and Corruption in Projects Financed by IDA Loans and Loans” of 15 October 2006 and revised in January 2011 and from 1 July 2016.