Zcore Vehicle Service Agreement

Below is our call claims screen that happened in… 02-03-CUSTOMER CALLED THAT HE HAD A PROBLEM WITH THE GEARBOX, HE SAID THAT THE SAME DAY HE BOUGHT THE VEHICLE, AFTER HIS RETURN HOME, IT STARTED UP SHIFTING AND DOWN SHIFTINGHE ALSO STATED THAT WHEN IT IS COLD IT SEEMS OK, BUT AS SOON AS IT WARMS UP THE SHIFT PROBLEM STARTSI ASK IF HE CALLED THE SELLING DEALER HE SAID NO, BUT WOULD AFTER WE TALKED.02-08-`S (TRANSMISSION NEWARK OH) CALLED IN WITH ALREADY REFUSED FOR THOSE ALREADY REJECTED. CONTRACT STATES on the page of … EXCLUSIONS:SPECIAL STATE REQUIREMENTS, IF ANY, SUPER-CEDE ANY AND ALL APPLICABLE PORTIONS OF THE EXCLUSIONS SECTION OF THIS AGREEMENT. The vehicle service contract does not offer coverage or benefits for: any condition that existed for parts or components that were not working properly at the time of delivery of the covered vehicle to the purchaser.02-08-RECEIVED CALL FROM, WANTING TO KNOW WHY WE WOULDN`T COVER CLAIMExined, Customers already in good condition indicated that they had change problems on the same day as the purchase [email protected] 12:22P GAVE CUSTOMER OUR CLAIMS PROCEDURES, LIMIT OF LIABILITY, ETCTHEY WILL NEED TO DECIDE TO HAVE `S TRANSMISSION FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED INSIDE TRANSMISSION.02-16-SHOP CALLED SAID THE 3RD GEAR DRUM IS CHEWED UP, PISTON HAS A GROVE IN IT, AND TORQUE CONVERTER NEEDS REPLACED.02-16-EXPLA CLAIM TO OWNER OF Z CORE , HE SAID TO DENY, I EXPLAINED SHOPS DIAGNOSIS WAS A GROVED PISTON THAT WAS NOT HOLDING FLUID PRESSURE AND HAD ALLOWED THE DRUM ASSEMBLY TO MOVE AROUND CHEWING UP DRUMI EXPLAINED THAT THEY DID NOT CAUSE THAT DAMAGE DRIVING IT FROM SELLING DEALER TO THEIR HOME, IT WAS A PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONADVIS CUSTOMER TO SELLING CONTACT FOR DEALER HELP. Thank you, Z Core LLC PO Box Columbus, Ohio 886-free 955-Fax Your customers seek tranquility in the event of breakdowns, anomalies, wear and tear or the unexpected. You are looking for ways to increase your revenue, your profitability in operations and after-sales performance. We are ready to help you better serve your customers with solutions that will also help you grow your business. Our custom mechanical vehicle repair service programs increase customer satisfaction while generating significant sales for your business. OASIS` goal is to provide government authorities with integrated global solutions for a wide range of service-based business requirements on a global basis. OASIS is available to all federal authorities and other agencies listed in the General Services Administration (GSA) Order ADM 4800.2G, authorization to use GSA Sources And Supply. We offer program management services that include, but not only: all services related to managing, facilitating and ensuring strategic planning, implementation, coordination, integration and evaluation of programmatic activities and management systems.

The CAAS IV contract provides advice and support in three areas: management and professional assistance services: assistance, advice or training for effective and efficient management and operation of organizations, activities or systems; studies, analyses and evaluations: organized evaluations, analytics/assessments to support policy development, decision-making, administration or administration; Engineering and technical services: assistance to the program office during the registration cycle by providing services such as system technology and technical management to ensure the operation and maintenance of a large-scale armament system or system, or the direct support of a weapons system essential for research, development, production, operation or maintenance of a system.