Uh Manoa International Agreements

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All other agreements, including agreements from other Institutions of the University of Hawai`i, are available on the System International Agreements website. 5. For joint/double degree and joint agreements (MOA), please contact April Goodwin (agoodwin@hawaii.edu) in OVCAA. These agreements set out specific provisions for admission and study/transfer equivalencies as well as common/duval study programs. In general, such agreements are jointly designed by the faculty of the UHM and the partner institution. Double grade requires WASC certification, a process that can take many months, so please plan accordingly. N.b.. It is important to check with the interlocutor of the partner institution that the president`s digital signature is acceptable. The UH no longer needs non-digital signatures («wet ink»» or physical copies of chords, but in the rare event that the partner institution insists on a wet ink signature, this requirement must be mentioned in the signature action protocol.

Then, the printed copy of the contract actually signed must be sent to the contact person of the partner institution for signature. The original unit of the UHM is responsible for the shipment. A pdf scan of the agreement signed in its entirety must be returned to the UHM exit unit and forwarded to the OIEP, which is sent as an electronic appendix. International uh-Menoa agreements require review by the Office of International and Exchange Programs (OIEP) and M`noa`s Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA), as well as by the OFFICE UH-System of Export Controls (OECD), the UH System Office of the Vice Presidents for Environmental Planning and Policy (OVPAPP) and, in some cases, the Office of the Office of The The OIEP advises on the appropriate procedure for the type of agreement proposed and can be contacted by phone (956-2223) or email (oiep@hawaii.edu). 6. For unfunded research agreements, contact the Vice-Chancellor`s Office of Research (ovcr@hawaii.edu). Like the general agreements (see item 2 above), unfunded research CEECs are ambitious agreements that define a broad context for collaborative research opportunities and activities that do not contain specific funds or resources for higher education. The implementation of specific research activities is the subject of separate negotiations and a separate binding agreement.

For all general agreements and other agreements, with the exception of exchange/visit students (Hoakipa) -MOAs, 3-2 agreements and service contracts, all draft contracts must be submitted to the relevant offices (s) for review prior to signing, as stated in the following «contract type directions.» All international UH-Menoa agreements on university programs must be reviewed at several levels and signed by the President. If you wish to develop an international agreement, you must familiarize yourself with the executive policy of the UH 8.200 system: Treaty and Signature Authority. Please pay particular attention to the International Agreements Section (III.B.4.c), which describes the appropriate review process and provides models of international contracts available to them by clicking on the Downloaded Appendix 6 link. The International Agreement Directory is a recording of all current M`noa campus agreements developed through the MIX office, including Student Exchange MOA, Hoakipa Scholars Program MOA and General MOU. The list can be sorted by clicking on the column headings or by filtering with the search box. 3. To implement or renew a Pathway Pathway (MOA) 3/2 program, contact Xiaoxin Ivy Mu (xiaoxin@hawaii.edu) in the Graduate division. For other Accelerated Pathway programs, contact the OIEP for a consultation. These agreements may include specific provisions for admission, accelerated curricula – usually for master`s degrees – and specific course/transfer equivalencies.