Vipkid Agreement Under Review

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The termination of the contract is the saddest and most dramatic business process for VIPKID. While we take this very seriously, we continue to work on alternative measures to avoid this approach. If you have any further questions, please email us We are working hard to ensure that the agreement is not unjustifiably denounced, which is why we are looking at your situation in depth. VIPKID will make a decision on your assessment within 14 working days of death, unfortunately, is part of life. That`s what I saw while working at VIPKid. VIPKid is very understanding. VIPKid, however, only grants soft cancellations for the immediate family. Direct family members are defined as: children, spouses, parents, siblings or grandparents. – It was 3 months and I still haven`t received my payment. It`s a total lack of respect. No one answers my e-mails.

– The city changed the electrical cables in my street. I was without the Internet for three days and had to cancel my classes. The company terminated my contract – the child had an advanced level and went through all the materials very quickly. I tried to lie down, but it was too good. The mother was not satisfied and gave me 3 stars (I have so far 10 5 stars). People stopped booking me after a less positive note, even though I had always been good. – Training process is long, although I understand its importance – It can take up to a month if you are busy with other things Mention your assessment to all parents/students because it creates unnecessary salvation anxiety! I sent my background review in early June and I just got the authorization. I think they`re super busy, so patient, it`s going to come! Just do it at home. No swings, no daycare, no business clothes, no trips in the snow, and the best is every day: «Take your cat to work!» My cat, Bootsie, loves my job as much as I do! I`m not kidding, I let the parents post comments on my chat! Kids love it! Payment is made once a month.

I don`t mind, because it`s a big cheque. You know what awaits you and the money is in the account on time. I love the children I teach. It`s amazing how close we are to the family on the other side of the world! I was a very good teacher, over 100 evaluations of 5 apples! I loved this job and I didn`t really expect to be fired, even though I knew my cancellations were excessive (for good reason). Your agreement with VIPKID is being reviewed. Discuss your thoughts on VIPKID forums or social channels All my moms expected there – rejoice! VIPKid understands that a birth can sometimes be unpredictable. If you are going to work or give birth unexpectedly, you can request a soft cancellation. If you have work-related complications, it would also fall into this category! Are you ready to teach your first VIPKID student? You`re so close! I hope this guide has helped you understand a little more about the VIPKID contract and what to do to sign. Financial penalties appear in the second half of the month under «Withdrawal of Course» on your payment page in the «Participation Incentives» category. Depending on when you request a soft cancellation, you can see that this figure has fallen to $0.00 after the soft cancellation, or you can see that the amount will be refunded with other adjustments for the month under the «Adjustments» column.

The two mentioned above can have a negative impact on this assessment that I received twice during my stay at VIPKID, and it is extremely important to know that you will be immediately blocked by booking future courses. However, you expect to continue to teach the courses already booked and to remain silent about your verification process so as not to cause any concern.