Chapter 380 Agreements

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The Landkreis can also develop and manage a program for the conclusion of a tax reduction agreement. This tool allows counties to negotiate directly with developers and businesses. . Projects will be subject to an individual assessment. The maximum amount of turnover tax granted by law is 50%. The rebate must be invested in authorized infrastructure improvements on the ground. Chapter 381 of the Local Government Code allows counties to create incentives that encourage developers to build in their jurisdictions. A county may manage and develop a program to provide loans and grants of public money, in order to foster the economic development of the state or local and to stimulate, promote and develop commercial establishment and activity in the county. Chapter 380 of the Local Government Code allows municipalities to offer incentives for economic development such as trade and retail projects. In particular, it plans to offer loans and grants of funds or urban services at a reduced or non-reduced cost, in order to promote the economic development of the State and local and to stimulate commercial and commercial activities. Under a Chapter 380 agreement, a developer and a tax authority negotiate a contract to provide VAT incentives in return for the project that meets the performance criteria.

The agreement is expected to help the company offset some construction and infrastructure costs. To provide a grant or loan, a city must have an incentive implementation program in place. Before proceeding, cities must review their city rights or local policies that may limit a city`s ability to provide a charge or subsidy. Chapter 380 (section 380.001) of the Communal Code allows municipalities to offer a number of incentives to promote national or local economic development. In particular, it allows for the granting of loans and grants of municipal funds, as well as the use of urban staff, urban facilities or urban services at minimal or non-minimal cost. For a copy of the Chapter 380 application form in Word format, send an email to the City Manager or an email to the City Secretary. A copy will be sent to you by e-mail. A PDF version of the application form can be downloaded from this site (PDF). Chapter 380 of the Texas Local Government Code allows Texas municipalities to provide a grant or loan of urban funds or services to promote economic development. A Chapter 380 development agreement circumvents in advance the need for state incentives and only intervenes when a project is in operation, thus avoiding the prospect of failure to develop incentive dollars. . .