Eu Turkey Aviation Agreement

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Turkey is a very important air partner for the EU. As far as passenger traffic is concerned, the Turkish market among third countries is one of the most important for the EU. With a large and growing aviation sector and a global international airport hub in Istanbul, Turkey is also an important provider of global connectivity for EU citizens. Cooperation in the field of aviation, although technical, also has political aspects. The EU Agreement provides that any non-EU country signing this Agreement should install direct flights to all EU Member States. In this context, Istanbul Airport should create the necessary conditions as an organising place for commercial air carriers to launch direct flights to Cyprus airports in Greece. M. Bulc recalled that the EU has concluded similar air transport agreements with the United States and some Asian countries, which has led to revenues, jobs and a reduction in ticket prices for countries that have set up aviation cooperation with Brussels. Turkey and the EU will have a high-level dialogue on transport on 5 February with Turkish Transport Minister Cahit Turan, visiting Brussels, which will include the air services agreement. After approval by the U.S.

Senate, the agreement is expected to take effect on March 30, 2008. Despite other benefits, the agreement is expected to increase transatlantic passenger traffic by 34%, generate up to $16 billion in economic benefits over five years and create a total of 80,000 new jobs on both sides of the Atlantic, according to news published on 2nd March by the European Commission.