Maine Voluntary Disclosure Agreement

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You will likely receive a copy of the VDA to sign and return. If you would like to know more about Georgia`s volunteer program, click here. You must enter into a binding agreement with the state for at least three years retrospective, submit all necessary returns and forms for the required deadlines within ninety days, make extensions and/or estimated payments to obtain a waiver of the fine, and remit all taxes and interest in accordance with the VDA. For more information about the VDA application, click here. A voluntary disclosure agreement is a legal agreement between a public tax authority and a company that acknowledges that it has not fulfilled its obligations with respect to sales and use tax compliance. The voluntary disclosure agreement will allow the company to enter into all necessary internal registrations and fulfill all outstanding tax liabilities. In the future, once the Voluntary Disclosure Agreement program is concluded, the company will have regular monthly, quarterly or annual VAT reporting obligations with the state, depending on the importance of the activity within the state. You must make a request for voluntary disclosure by sending an email containing the necessary information. Some of these necessary facts include your identity and personal/business information as well as details about non-compliance with the TURNOVER TAX.

Participation in a volunteer program does not exempt you from any previous tax debt. However, it will likely reduce your total tax debt. If you already have a VAT clearance in Iowa, you`re unlikely to be eligible for a VDA, as the goal of the Iowa Volunteer Program is to encourage unregistered taxpayers to comply with the department. An auditor is assigned to your case and responds with an introductory phone call and a confidential e-mail with detailed instructions and a significant agreement. You can learn more about Arizona`s VDA program by reading their policies or brochure. A VDA is a binding agreement between a taxable person and a state that aims to promote compliance with the state`s tax laws….