Us Honduras Agreement

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The ongoing complaint claims that asylum seekers are «unjustly imprisoned» in the United States and are at risk of being forcibly repatriated to countries where they could be subjected to persecution, torture and death. The text of the agreement with Honduras was published on Thursday, the day before it was published in the federal register and its entry into force. The Department of Homeland Security announced the deal in September, but Monday`s Times was the first to report that the deal would prevent asylum seekers from applying to the United States if Honduras or another country rejected their asylum claims. The Trump administration on Wednesday began sending back to Guatemala migrants seeking refuge at the southern border, the first migrants returned as part of a series of deals negotiated earlier this year that make it virtually impossible for Central Americans to seek asylum in the United States. The U.S.-Honduras deal is one of president Donald Trump`s many efforts to combat asylum seekers at the border. The Trump administration has a similar deal with Guatemala, which requires migrants to seek asylum there when they arrive in the Central American country en route to the United States. The agreements signed by the United States with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras require that migrants, on their way to the United States, first seek protection in these countries. Safe third country agreements have been put in place to share countries` responsibility for assisting asylum seekers, always with a view to their well-being. In 1991, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees called for such agreements if they resulted in «clearer identification of vulnerable persons» and «international cooperation to provide such protection and implement durable solutions». As part of the agreement reached last year, the United States is sending asylum seekers from El Salvador and Honduras to Guatemala.