What Is A Section 278 Agreement

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«A motorway authority, if it is convinced that this is beneficial to the public, can enter into an agreement with anyone – for cases where a motorway network requires developers to offer land under their control for acceptance as a public road, see Article 38 of the agreements. We have particular expertise in representing property owners and developers in contracts § 278 and § 38 and can assist in the preparation, revision and negotiation of these documents. We know that there can often be time pressures to finalize these agreements, as they have a direct impact on development progress, and we recognize the need for swift action. The construction application associated with the development usually determines the principles of the necessary work. The motorway authority may not then refuse to reach an agreement on the implementation of the works approved by the promoter, provided that the works meet the appropriate standards. To achieve these improvements, the builder must obtain authorization from the Highway Authority for detailed planning of the work and enter into an agreement specifying how the work is to be delivered. .