Zurich Cross Option Agreement

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It is a legal document that, after the death of a shareholder, offers other shareholders the opportunity to buy the shares («call option») and sell the option for the family of the deceased («call option»). «Eva-Maria Strobel is our main contact person and she stands out for me in the IP team in Zurich. Eva is responsive and always interested in finding a good and practical solution that meets the customer`s needs. It is open to discussion and different solutions or options for the issues and also thinks about the future; As we have been fortunate to establish a very good long-term relationship for some time, she can often anticipate the needs or questions of her clients. Baker McKenzie regularly works on privacy law and GDPR issues, with clients ranging from leading companies in telecommunications, IT and data management to global brands and manufacturing companies. Recent work includes managing security related to IT outsourcing and database registrations, as well as modifying agreements to comply with new Swiss or European standards. Alessandro Celli, Practice Manager, specialises in the implementation of cross-border programmes, while Johanna Moesch, Partner, handles various data protection compliance cases. It is important that the articles of association of the company give both parties the opportunity to buy/sell the shares instead of having a bond. An obligation to sell the shares could result in an inheritance tax bill, as this could disqualify the shares from commercial property relief (BPR).

The Baker McKenzie team handles corporate transactions for insurance and reinsurance institutions, as well as cross-border and compliance work. Joachim Frick, Practice Leader, has led international merger and restructuring operations; regulatory advice to an international insurer based in Switzerland on licensing matters; and supported a separate insurer in the distribution of products in several jurisdictions. Markus Winkler, partner, is a well-known name for insurance licensing, Finma-influenced business and asset management. None of these options are without problems. Problems could include: Baker McKenzie`s «highly proactive and responsive» team is «experienced and customer-centric» and is praised for its «professionalism, efficiency and transparency.» She regularly advises on contract negotiations or terminations, sponsorship agreements and the establishment of governing bodies. .