National Maintenance Agreement Site Extension Request

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7. When do I have to apply for permission to extend the site? Extensions should be requested based on the site. 9) Choose Crafts (International Union) Your company is a signatory with which you use and fill out the number of the local union and the number of boxes of craftsmen. 2. How can I get proof that I signed the national maintenance contract before I started working? The International Union`s letter of authorization authorizing the extension of the site provides evidence. NMAPC employees listed the questions they were most frequently asked. A brief scan of this information will probably answer most of your questions. More information can be found on this site. If you can`t find the information you`re looking for, contact the NMAPC at the address below.

1. How do I become a signatory to the national maintenance contract? A contractor must submit the following online form to the Union (International Union) of the crafts that the contractor intends to employ. In addition, contractors must obtain permission from the International Union (s) for the extension of the site by filling out an online application form for the extension of the website, which will be submitted to the International Union (s) for each agency. 3. Do I have to sign the national maintenance contract if I have already signed a local contract? Yes, national maintenance contracts are stand-alone agreements. 10. Should my company continue to pay NMAPC`s administrative costs, even if we are not allowed to use the NMA in any given year? Yes, yes. All contractors who still sign the NMA are required to pay an annual management fee. If a contractor does not expect to use the NMA in a calendar year, it is strongly recommended that the contractor terminate the NMA with the International Union (s) by filing an online application form for termination of the agreement. 5. Does the owner have to sign the national maintenance contract before a contractor can use the contract on the owner`s website? No, there is an agreement between the contractor and the International Union. 6.

I only use one trade; Do I have to do another pre-work conference? Yes, in accordance with Article I of the agreement, a preliminary working conference is required for all occupations. 5) Select the «Search the Project» field and select a project name from the list available or add your own project name. 8. How much does it cost to sign national maintenance contracts? The cost of signing national maintenance contracts is $825 per ship per year and includes regular membership in the Union Constructors Association (TAUC).