Fox Rental Agreement

We had a reservation for a full-size car on Thanksgiving Day 2017 at FOX renting a car in San Jose, CA airport for 14:15, we have reservations on Expedia. When we arrived at 2 p.m., opponent Francisco Gomez told me that he had no car for this class or subcategory, and the only car he has is for the upper class, and I have to pay for the upgrade. I asked him what my option was, and he did not mention it. When I asked who the manager was, he said it was him. What frustrated me was that in this situation, with several other car rental agencies in all these cases, I tried to solve my problem that guaranteed me a car. He was completely ignorant. The other companies immediately asked other owners to give me a similar car with the same price or would have upgraded me for free. I was very disappointed with his attitude, the fact that he didn`t know my reservations, and I didn`t care. It looked like he wanted to go home and he didn`t want to be there. This was the last time I was renting to FOX and I will share this experience with my company and all friends so they know. I have been upgraded for free by other rental places if the type of vehicle is not available.

DON`T RENT FOX THEY`RE IDIOTS. They wrongly charged me a drop-off fee in Los Angeles, CA and doubly charged me for rent as well. An extra $600 that took me 7-10 days to get back on my credit card. They accepted the refund after I did, and then I asked to be refunded the same day, which never happened. Fox refused to reimburse me for rent and mandatory insurance. They also did not return the towing costs that I had to pay out of my own pocket. Fox responded with a ridiculous statement that I refused to continue to rent the replacement car. For U.S. citizens Some U.S. credit cards and private auto insurance offer car rental insurance, so please check with your credit card provider and personal auto insurance.

I rented a Fox car at Bucharest`s OTP airport. What a disaster! They pick up customers at the airport and take them several miles from here to a shabby trailer office with no chance of returning. Their business is very argumentative, forcing customers to buy their liability insurance, to sign their signature on a digital pad, while refusing to have them read the rental contract first. Fox cars are dirty in and out, crushed everywhere with scratches and don`t check for lack of oil and water. The cars come out in the same condition as they arrive. When a car enters, Fox checks and argues each scratch as if it had been caused by the customer who was giving the car back. -While friendly, the owners were vulnerable to Chatiness and ineffective with the pickup process. I travel often and it`s the slowest (the slowest!) Pick-up rental I`ve never experienced! Be warned if you are on a tight schedule! It doesn`t matter if you have young children. I would prefer brevity at 11 p.m. Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) FOX offers all LDW tenants, Loss Damage Waiver, which, for a daily supplement, relieves the tenant of financial liability for the loss or damage of the rental car as long as the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement. Cost – USD /USD/ USD / USD / 23.00 per day of rental depending on the type of vehicle and location of rental – the exact amount is available with your car offer.

Rent Liability Protection (RLP) First Insurance for Protection Personal and/or material damage caused by the operation of the rental vehicle up to the required financial liability limits of the state in which the vehicle is leased.