Fh Kiel Learning Agreement

Students from the European Economic Area (EEA): Please contact your local health insurance fund to apply for a European Health Insurance Card and don`t forget to take it to Kiel. The card only provides basic medical services during temporary visits to another EU country. Therefore, you may also want to consider taking out private insurance covering medical, travel and personal effects. Foreign students to the EU/EEA: You may need to take out private insurance covering health, travel and personal effects in your home country. Please check with your local visa authorities. You have the option of taking out German health insurance after your arrival or having your private insurance confirmed by a health insurance agent. Students without an insurance certificate cannot be enrolled at FH Kiel. Students from countries that have negotiated a social security agreement with Germany (e.g. Switzerland, Turkey): if you are insured by law in your home country, ask your health insurance fund to certify that your health insurance is sufficient for extended stays abroad. The corresponding forms have different names depending on the country of origin (e.g. B T/A 11, ATN11 or BH6). Final course offers and schedules for the upcoming semester will usually be published at the end of July/January.

To prepare your learning agreements in advance, please use the general overviews of the English language courses in our departments and the course lists in the modular database. Please check the courses offered during the winter semester/summer semester of the previous year, as many modules are identical for the winter semester or the following summer semester. Consider the “modular resources” of each course. The Fachhochschule Kiel is a specialized university founded in 1969. It is one of the three public universities in Kiel. It offers about thirty bachelor`s and master`s programs, complementary degrees and continuing education courses from the faculties of agriculture, business management, computer science and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, media and social work and health. As of November 2018 [Update], 7824 students are enrolled. Exercise: Processing and deepening of learning content in theoretical and practical application Students apply online as Erasmus students: www.fh-kiel.de/exchange students in BA: Public Relations and Corporate Communication (module description: module.fh-kiel.de/Medien/StudiengangTabelle?StudiengangID=304) Mobility Online is an application portal reserved for programme and exchange students. You can find information for full-fledged students here.

Ma students must have successfully completed the first semester at FSPAC. Bachelor`s and Master`s students from the German-speaking Department of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising can obtain a German-Romanian double degree. Students follow a year of study or a semester at the Fachhochschule Kiel during the bachelor`s or master`s degree and, in addition to the UBB diploma, receive that of the FH Kiel. Die zwei Partnerinstitutionen versprechen sich durch diese Kooperation eine Stärkung des Praxisbezugs und der Interdisziplinarität ihrer Studiengänge. If you are looking for a room on the private market, be aware of scammers! All courses of study are marked by a strong international orientation….